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How to Choose the Right Composite Decking

Learn about your deck and the right composite to choose.

How to Choose the Right Composite Decking

So you have decided to do a deck project and now you wonder how to choose the right composite decking. It’s time to pick the perfect decking and railing that will finish your deck and turn it into a space that you can enjoy for years to come. No pressure, right?

I’ve written quite a few articles in which I compare the different composite decking products available out there. In fact, you can learn more about the top three brands of composite decking – AZEK, TimberTech, and Trex -- in my blog series:

And while it’s really fun for me to get super technical about all the different features and properties of decking products out there, well…. Let’s just say that I can easily spend hours on the topic of composite decking and its scratch resistance, fade resistance, strength, temperature absorption, and more!

But, as much fun as I have doing that, I find that often my clients become overwhelmed quickly by all the choices that are available to them. There are so many options, and it’s a big decision since the investment will cost thousands and last decades.

But building a deck is supposed to be fun. That’s what got you started on this journey. You need a space to enjoy your family, to spend time outside, to disconnect from screens and reconnect with others. Don’t lose focus on that goal in the process of choosing the right composite decking materials.

Good composite decking is just a means to that end.

In other words, if you ended up picking the second best of so many great options -- if it was even possible to rank all the choices out there -- would it have an impact on your enjoyment level as you lounged on your new deck? Would it really matter in the end?

I’m not trying to belittle the need for you to make an educated decision. I absolutely want to help you understand your options. But at the same time, this one decision should not leave you paralyzed.

The truth is, most of the composite decking products available today are pretty good. The industry as a whole learned a lot from a few challenges in early product iterations, and has worked the kinks out.

Woodland Deck has installed a ton of composite decks in the last decade and as a general rule they have performed quite well.

I recommend the following to ensure excellent results:

  1. Find a deck builder that you trust;
  2. Learn from and lean on their experience in choosing the right composite decking product for your particular home and location;
  3. Pick a color that you love;
  4. Focus on the opening party!

Seriously, spend more time planning on how you will use your space rather than what product you will choose. For example, focus on selecting the layout, lights, and furniture that will draw people out to join you.

Have fun shopping for your new deck. This should be a great experience for you. It’s super exciting to plan and build all of that extra outdoor space. Buy the furniture and enjoy!

Steve Stelkic

About the Author

I founded Woodland Deck in 2000 to create decks and outdoor spaces to be enjoyed for generations. Here in beautiful Northeast Ohio, we’re lucky to experience four dramatically different seasons throughout the year, and I want you to be able to enjoy each one of them from the comfort of your own backyard. As a deck-building company, we are always looking for ways to better our products, services, and ourselves. We are passionate about life outside and believe that enjoying God’s creation is a rich gift to us.

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