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Ravine Deck Spaces

Salvage an Unusable Backyard Space

Some of the most beautiful scenery can surround your home when backed up to a riverbed or ravine, but it certainly can present a challenge when trying to design an outdoor living space. While certain precautions need to be taken when engineering a project like this, a deck can be a great way to enjoy even the steepest of hillsides.

We first lay out the deck, incorporating the natural lay of the land into the design with multiple levels or large trees through the deck. Then we meet with a civil engineer that will take accurate measurements and determine the type of foundation necessary. There are a variety of foundations that are recommended in a challenging terrain. From steel pilons to concrete piers, the engineers stamp of approval ensures that the deck will be built to last.

There is often additional bracing necessary but the deck can then be built with standard framing, decking, and railing details. A stainless-steel cable, or glass-panel rail is a great finishing touch that won’t obstruct the view from the deck or inside the house. Sometimes a rough terrain can be the prime candidate for a deck project, taking an otherwise unusable backyard and making it into a personal oasis.

Steve Keiper

Project Manager

About the Author

I have known I wanted to be a carpenter ever since I could lift a hammer. Following my dad and grandpa around on job sites created a love for woodworking that includes everything from logging and milling, to finish carpentry. When I was 12 years old I had a summer job as a laborer on a house framing crew and have never known anything else. I just love seeing a pile of raw materials turn into a finished product like a home, barn, or deck. I started helping Steve out one job at a time in 2013, and I’ve been installing decks for Woodland ever since.

My wife Nancy and I have a home in Medina, and when I’m not building decks, we make ourselves busy there. I love to be outside whether cutting firewood, fixing the tractor, tinkering in the barn, or finding other building projects, while Nancy hopes to someday finish the renovations we started on the house. We enjoy working together on projects as well as finding time to relax with family and friends.

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