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Light Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Take your evening outdoors with low-voltage LED deck or landscape lighting

It used to be that when our outdoor activities ended at dusk because any stairs or obstacles became a trip hazard, and bright floodlights would attract unwanted mosquitos. But those days are now in the past with advancements in deck and landscape lighting. You’ll love being able to enjoy the cool of the evening to the soft glow of lighting shining from railing posts, hanging from pergola rafters, or on the risers of any staircase, oftentimes all this using less energy than a traditional 100 watt incandescent bulb with modern LED fixtures.

High-Efficiency LED Fixtures

Outdoor lighting, while always desirable, has long been high maintenance, needing additional power sources, constantly changing bulbs, and high operating costs. New LED fixtures really make outdoor illumination a standard option. They use minimal electricity so an entire backyard will generally use only one outlet, usually already installed. That means the installation can be done without a licensed contractor. Also, since each fixture uses up to 85% less power, leaving them on for extended periods won’t empty your wallet.


Light-Emitting-Diodes (LED’s) also last much longer than traditional incandescent or fluorescent fixtures, so the watertight seal necessary for exterior installation won’t be compromised by opening the casing to change a bulb ever few years, extending the life of the fixture as well as the overall system.


Another huge benefit of LED lights is that many manufacturers incorporate them into their products. Major outdoor companies like Trex and TimberTech have engineered their railing posts and stair parts to allow for lighting and therefore made it accessible and cost effective to light up a deck or patio. Companies like Kichler and ADI also provide great options for everything from accent post lighting to color-changing fixtures. While the fixtures themselves cost more than the old standard fixtures initially, the benefits make outdoor lighting a must-have option for any outdoor living space.

Steve Keiper

Project Manager

About the Author

I have known I wanted to be a carpenter ever since I could lift a hammer. Following my dad and grandpa around on job sites created a love for woodworking that includes everything from logging and milling, to finish carpentry. When I was 12 years old I had a summer job as a laborer on a house framing crew and have never known anything else. I just love seeing a pile of raw materials turn into a finished product like a home, barn, or deck. I started helping Steve out one job at a time in 2013, and I’ve been installing decks for Woodland ever since.

My wife Nancy and I have a home in Medina, and when I’m not building decks, we make ourselves busy there. I love to be outside whether cutting firewood, fixing the tractor, tinkering in the barn, or finding other building projects, while Nancy hopes to someday finish the renovations we started on the house. We enjoy working together on projects as well as finding time to relax with family and friends.

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